As a provider of tile installation in Long Island NY and the surrounding areas, we’ve found ourselves endlessly inspired by the beautiful tiles that we get to work with. Although they have an ancient origin, many contemporary tile designs are stunning and incorporate rich geometric patterns to create a unique space. If you are considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel, then read on to learn more about the styles of tiles that we believe generate smiles.

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As they’ve been around for so long, when it comes to choosing tiles for your home, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices. There are a few key things to think about when it comes to choosing the right tiles: the tile material, the tile design, and the pattern the tiles are laid in.

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Tile Materials

In terms of the cost, the tile material is likely to be the determining factor, so when choosing which material it’s best to let your budget guide you before your preference.

  • Ceramic. The most common, and most affordable of the different tile materials, ceramic tiles offer a classic look and notable durability.
  • Porcelain. A close second to ceramic in terms of popularity, and for good reason. Porcelain does a great job of emulating natural stone, brick, or wood, without any maintenance.
  • Glass. The stain resistance of glass makes them an excellent tile for back-splashes. Try to avoid using them in high traffic areas as they can be susceptible to chipping and damage.
  • Cement. In terms of tiles, these are some of the newer types of materials used. Cement is affordable and offers endless versatility in both colors and patterns.
  • Marble. Despite the high price point, marble has an undeniably timeless elegance and each tile is innately unique.
  • Granite. Similar to marble in that it’s a natural stone, but not in many other ways, granite is great for bringing earthy colors into your home.
  • Limestone. If you’re after a more specific look, then limestone is your best bet with its palette of ancient colors.
  • Travertine. A final natural stone that offers a one-of-a-kind aesthetic is travertine. Travertine ranges from gray to tan, and beige and is more suited for walls than floors.

While some of these tiles do boast the ability to be installed by non-professionals, if you want it done right you should always hire a professional. Here at LA Clave Improvements, we have staff who are trained in this fine art and can help you with your tiling in Long Island NY or surrounding areas.

Tile Designs & Patterns

When it comes to the design, you will be limited by the material, hence why it’s best to start there. Once you’ve decided on a material, you should look into the different available designs. These may include:tile installation freeport ny

Tile Designs

  • Ancient patterns such as fleur de Lis
  • Modern geometric designs
  • Simple artistic designs

With some materials, such as cement, you will have a lot more creative control over the design.

Tile Patterns

The final choice, although as with designs it may already have been decided for you by the material and design you’ve decided on. Regardless, it can be helpful to consider all possible tile patterns which you might implement.

  • Grid Stacked. This style suits smaller rectangular or square tiles and is suitable for both floors and walls.
  • Stacked Vertical. Similar to the grid but instead utilizing rectangular tiles in a vertical stacking, this can make a room seem longer or taller if installed in the floors or walls, respectively.
  • 1/2 Offset. Also known as running bond or brickwork, the typical brickwork pattern was made famous by subway tiles.
  • 1/3 Offset. This style creates a staggered diagonal effect, which is more suitable for use when paired with 2 -3 different colored tiles.
  • Herringbone. Made up of V-shaped rows of 45-degree angled tiles, this layout elegantly showcases  small or large rectangular tiles.
  • Versailles. Popular in kitchen flooring, this style utilizes a repeating pattern of squares and rectangles to create a puzzle-like effect.

La Clave Improvement Offers Tile Installation in Long Island NY

Visualizing different tile combinations can be difficult, so try using your favorite search engine to look up the styles you like for future reference. If you’re looking for professional help with tiling in Long Island NY, contact us at LA Clave Improvement.