Tiling and Flooring

Tile installation being performed in Nassau county ny by La Clave Home Improvement

The installation of floors and tiling on the walls, floors, stairs, facades, kitchen, and bathrooms of a building or of the house, it is the most important work finish and with the greatest visual relevance in terms of aesthetics and designs.

There is a wide variety of coverings, some for walls, others for floors and others for both. La Clave offers an integral service in the finishing installation process in commercial and residential areas. Our professionals will make each project a reality. In addition, we have a full-service guarantee. We keep our quality control in commercial and residential services.


Without a doubt, the floor of your house, office, restaurant, or business place is one of the most important elements; because the appearance of your spaces depends on it. Therefore, your installation project deserves full attention. The careful and accurate selection of our installers plays a very important role in each project. La Clave puts our extensive experience at your disposal to carry out your project successfully.


Ceramic, tile, and porcelain walls have become an important element in decorating spaces, they are a very common option for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. To create versatile, modern, and unique spaces, La Clave offers the installation service of ceramic, tile, and porcelain walls, they are walls that adapt to different spaces such as the backsplash of your kitchen, the space of your bathrooms, or add an accent wall to your commercial space

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