Kitchen & bathroom remodeling

A combination of unbelievable craftsmanship and your taste, we deliver inspirational kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. The most used parts of any house or building, your kitchen and bathroom are spaces that should allow much needed solace and peace. With transformative contemporary designs and visually appealing renovations, our designers pay meticulous attention to details and deliver projects that are high in quality. Be it basic tub installations or countertop renovations, our professionals perform all services with utmost dedication. Our remodeling services include lighting configuration, installations of new faucets, adding brand new tiling, building custom designed cabinets and countertops, and wall removal.

Cabinet Refurnishing & Painting

Bored of your conventional looking cabinets and the monotonous aura they exude? Right to your rescue, our cabinet refurnishing and painting services customize and renovate your cabinets as per client instructions and their taste. If you need a pop of color illuminating your cabinets, or want to go with a pastel aesthetic décor, our wide selections of colors and designs are available to fully facilitate you. Improving your home with affordable solutions and fine quality, we leave your kitchen cabinets stain free, updated, and brand-new. Prioritizing functionality just as much as style, our remodelers make sure that at the conclusion of our project, our clients are left fully satisfied with their revamped kitchen cabinets.

High-End Painting & Textures

Servicing you with the interiors of your dreams, our high-end painting and texturing services have a long-standing reputation of being absolutely incomparable. Be it elegant or contemporary, our texture artists harness a strong command over a variety of curb-appealing designs. Giving your architecture a new life with fresh coats of high-quality paint, our painting and texturing services are creative, classy, and rejuvenating. Excelling at giving your interiors and exteriors a quality finish, our painters, in direct collaboration with clients, deliver services that completely rebuild the look of your structure. A fresh start, much like falling in love all over again, our painting and texturing services breathe life back into worn-looking, unmaintained buildings.

Wallpaper Removals and Installations:

Catering to the residential and commercial sectors, our wallpaper removal and installation services make sure that your walls glimmer with the glow of a job well done. We ensure that your walls reflect the performance of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certified workers and that at the end, we leave your home a testimonial of work done by professionals and experts. Wallpapering demands attention to detail, sensible color selection, and well-measured installations. At the end of our consignment with you, we aim to give you a house with an outlook fully refurbished.

Domestic Repairs, Refinishing, and Repainting:

With affordable rates and high quality services, our domestic repair, refinishing, and repainting services cater to the needs of your architecture, budget, and personal requirements. We want to ensure that we do work that is evocative of our hard work and commitment towards your goals. We aim to provide you with sufficient and a wide berth of options for your walls. We hope to provide services that have 100% quality assurance. Our home improvement services include finished carpentry and repairs, tile, cabinet refinishing and repaint. With technicians fully qualified to deal with commercial and residential problems, we evaluate the needs of our clients on a case-by-case basis and structure your house’s repairing plan accordingly.

Crown Molding

Adding elegance and a touch of royalty to your interior equates to crown molding installations in the world of fanciful architecture. Elevating your room’s status, the crown molding is an installation at the top-corner edges of large rooms, railings, window rims, and at the bottom end of smaller rooms. The most popular crown materials include plastic, wood, plaster-covered foam, and polyurethane foam. Our crown molding services for your interior and exterior are charted according to the size and length of your structures. From stair-shaped to ornamental, to colonial garlands, we specialize in all contemporary and classic crown shapes and designs.

Light Carpentry

Unlike carpenters that refuse to service your place unless it is a major furniture-related catastrophe, our cordial employees will knock on your door with a bright smile even to do as little as nailing a vanity mirror on the bathroom wall. Even the most tiptop of households need light repairs here and there every once in a while. From overused doors to rotten wood, well-used houses and buildings need regular, light carpentry services in order to keep major damages at bay. A faulty door hinge does not cause headaches- but a completely unhinged door is sufficient for a complete breakdown. Be it a damaged kitchen cabinet or a two-legged coffee table, our skilled carpenters know all the quick-fix techniques to tackle light repairs with efficiency and speed. Wasting no one’s time, with our light carpentry services you finally have the chance to get all of your nooks and crooks patched back up!


From trendy, shiny floors to classic Victorian stone aesthetic, we tile surfaces in all kinds of fashion. Be it replacing chlorine-tinted swimming pool tiles or renovating your sitting room with colorful mosaic walls, our tiling services extend towards projects of all natures. Tiling the surfaces of all, commercial, residential, and industrial avenues, we have professional tilers on board who are all skilled craftsmen and experts adding tiled depth to your interior. Also providing tile color selection consultancy services, our tilers work hard to achieve your desired design. Our tiling services include all materials, including ceramics, mosaics, and stone.

Renovation and Remodeling:

From single-rooms to entire condos, our renovation and remodeling services are all-encapsulating of all sorts of residential and commercial avenues. Be it customizing your interior, remodeling your kitchenettes, basement, attic, bathrooms, and bedrooms, or making additions such as in-house and outdoor entertainment suites, our craftsmen are fully equipped to accommodate all of your demands and budgeting needs. Regardless of whatever your reason may be for acquiring our remodeling services –additional space, an upgrade, outdated architecture, disaster management-, we are quick to improvise, customize, and serve.

Power wash:

Preserving the structure of your house and beautifying the exterior of your humble abode, power washing is more than just using a high powered nozzle to cleanse away clingy dirt bits, mold, chipping paint, algae, and chewing gum. Power washing videos trend the highest amongst the ‘Satisfying Video Clips’ genre on popular social media channels. If the videos are so popular, imagine the extent to which the actual process is soothing and soulful! Cleaning away grease and grime, power washing uses very high pressured gusts of water that have your frontal porch, fences, your staircases, your windows, and the exterior of your house gleaming.