As contractors, we’ve worked on many different types of residential construction projects. La Clave Home Improvement offers home renovation in Long Island, NY. Technological advancements in recent years have allowed the production and utilization of many goods and services to become more sustainable. This has empowered both consumers and producers to demand more sustainability throughout all industries.

Sustainable renovation or remodeling may seem oxymoronic, as the act of renovating or remodeling can be considered a luxury, and therefore unnecessary. Although after consideration of real life scenarios, one will quickly come to the realization that sustainable renovations are possible when certain parts of the process are done in a certain way or with certain materials. Having been in the industry of renovation and remodeling Long Island NY for some time now, we’ve been able to learn sustainable techniques which would even impress Greta Thunberg.

Here are some tips for sustainably renovating or remodeling parts of your home.

Residential Construction and Using Sustainably-Produced Materials

Renovating and remodeling generally takes a lot of material. Traditional procedure would be to tear out walls and fixtures, and replace them with brand new ones. To do this sustainably one would need to figure out which existing elements can remain, as well as sourcing recycled or sustainably-produced materials.

Re-Use What You Can

One of the most sustainable things we can do is use the things we have until they are absolutely unusable any further. When it comes to renovation or remodelling, this means looking at the materials which have already been used in the room, and figuring out which can remain or be repurposed.

Here are some things which can typically be recycled or re-used:

  • Wood, hard plastics, and most kinds of metal are generally recyclable
  • Millwork such as doors, window frames, crown molding etc
  • Old appliances and light fixtures
  • Stone countertops
  • Toilets/Bathtubs/Plumbing fixtures can be recyclable depending on their condition
  • Classic flooring materials such as wood and tiles
  • Copper wiring

Be sure that any of the things you’re considering repurposing or recycling aren’t damaged beyond use or have any nasty chemicals on them. Millwork and other wood items may have lead paint, so be sure to check for that and any other chemicals which could be harmful.

How to Source Recycled or Sustainably-Produced Materials

In some cases you will need to find new materials to achieve your renovation or remodeling goals. Once you’ve realized how much of your pre-existing materials you can re-use, it’s time to find a supply of recycled or sustainably-produced materials.

At this time sourcing sustainable or recycled building materials means one has to reach out to their community using social media or a newspaper ad. It can also help to check out your local Craigslist and other marketplace websites on which people may advertise their old materials for cheap or free. In the not-too-distant future we can expect an improvement on this current system, but until then it’s best to keep an eye out for second hand materials at all times.

Hire Contractors Experienced in Residential Construction & Sustainability

Arguably as important as the resources you use, the sustainable practices of any contractors you hire will dictate how sustainable your renovation or remodeling truly is. Sustainability-minded contractors will have access to recycled or sustainable materials that may otherwise be hard to find on the market. They will also be aware that their procedures, such as the disposal of unusable materials, need to be done appropriately.

Our team at La Clave Improvement will work with our clients on a variety of types of home renovation in Long Island, NY. If sustainability is important to you, just let us know what your constraints are and we’d be happy to discuss them!

Other Important Factors

Another aspect which can dictate their sustainability is how they manage their energy consumption during the project. This can relate both to their use of electricity, but also how they decide what needs to be done with power tools and what needs to be done manually. Hiring a sustainably-minded contractor may mean your renovation will take a little longer, but this is a small price to pay for a longer-lasting earth.

Prioritize Longevity Over Aesthetics

A final consideration which can make a noticeable impact on how sustainable your project is prioritizing those materials which last longer, over those which look better. Many modern materials look fantastic, but require a large amount of energy or resources to create. Whereas more traditional materials with proven longevity may not look as beautiful or as chic as their modern counterparts.

By putting more thought into how long your renovation will last, rather than simply how it looks, you will reduce the necessity for more renovations for a longer time.

Residential Construction in Long Island, NY

If you’re looking for renovation and remodeling Long Island NY or nearby, then look no further than La Clave Improvements. We are able to help you source sustainable materials, and are well-versed in sustainable building. Call us today to hear how we can help your sustainable dream come true.