Real estate has been considered one of the safest forms of investment, especially if your renovating on a budget. This past year we’ve seen the volatility of our jobs, the stock market, and the economy as a whole, which has forced many to invest in their property to safeguard their finances. Although not everybody has the funds to undertake a massive renovation, finding affordable ways to improve your asset is a must.

The average kitchen remodel can cost between $13,487 and $38,083 according to Home Advisor. While these renovations can retain as much as 90% of their value in resale, finding that much money in the first place can be difficult for some people. As a provider of home remodeling Long Island NY, we believe it’s important to look at affordable changes you can make in your home.

Here is how you can remodel or renovate spaces in your home on a shoestring budget.

Renovating on a Budget Starts With Using Pre-existing Fixtures

Having worked with countless people to achieve their remodeling in Long Island NY, we’ve learned that one of the biggest costs in renovations and remodels is buying all new materials to outfit the different spaces with. Despite the huge variety of resources which we can use to remodel or renovate our homes, demand has driven up the price of all kinds of materials.

To mitigate these expensive investments, you could instead look at how you can utilize pre-existing fixtures and furniture. Whether the fixtures are broken, or simply showing signs of wear and tear after years of use, repairing or refurbishing them can save you greatly.

Repairing Fixtures

Depending on the fixture, some repairs may be feasible and some may not. This is something that you will have to decide upon, although calling on a builder or carpenter (if it’s wood) can help you understand what can be done.

Refurbishing Fixtures

If any of your fixtures are damaged seemingly beyond repair, then you may consider refurbishing them. Unlike repairing them which simply deals with the problem itself, refurbishing utilizes new (or even secondhand) materials to replace those dysfunctional parts. Again, professional advice may be helpful in deciding whether it’s even worth refurbishing some fixtures.

Renovating on a Budget While Utilizing Recycled or Second-Hand Fixtures

In those situations, where you do need to replace fixtures, consider buying recycled or second-hand ones. This also goes with the recent theme of sustainability, as utilizing new resources takes a much heavier toll on the earth than reusing or recycling.

Finding secondhand or recycled goods in your area can be done a number of ways, including:

  • Checking physical noticeboards
  • Checking Craigslist and eBay listings
  • Checking the local Facebook buy and sell groups for your area
  • Checking second hand shops, pawn shops, and antique shops

Once you’ve found your desired fixtures, you may wish to repair or refurbish them before installing them in your home.

Pallet Fixtures

If you or someone you know is handy with carpentry, you may consider making fixtures using old pallets. Be sure to only use those pallets which haven’t been sprayed with chemicals, and to finish them properly to ensure their longevity.

Wallpaper and Flooring Removal

We’ve all seen the videos of people pulling out lino exposing beautiful hardwood floors underneath which only require a clean and a polish. While not every house has this luxury, there are many homes in which beautiful materials are covered by wallpaper or flooring. By looking into the history of your home you can get an idea of what materials are lying beneath the tacky retro wallpaper or worn out lino.

Refinishing Wooden Fixtures and Furnishings

Over time, most wood finishes will fade away leaving your fixtures and furnishings looking grey and tired. Refinishing wood can be done yourself, although if you want it to look perfect we recommend getting in touch with a handyman. Be sure to use appropriate finishes depending on the wood’s application, for example you may need a durable finish for wooden floorboards.

D.I.Y. Initiatives

The recent lockdowns have reminded many of the value of DIY skills, and many people have undertaken simple improvements to their home and property. While there are certain tasks which may be best left to professionals, there are a variety of tasks which you can undertake with limited skills and tools.

Be sure to follow instructions closely and to exercise good health and safety during any construction.

Renovating on a Budget? We Can Help

For help with any kind of repairs, refurbishing, renovations or even remodeling in Long Island NY or in the nearby areas, get in contact with us today. We have an experienced team of builders, handymen, and carpenters who can help you regardless of how limited your budget is.