One of the safest possible investments has always been property, and this was emphasized during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic in the last years. In fact, both the stock market and cryptocurrencies seem to be a lot more volatile than previously thought, which is pushing more people to invest in their own homes. While the exterior of your home is important when making improvements you should always start within and consider interior design ideas for your home.

Interior design is more than just how we decorate rooms, it directly relates to how we flow through our own homes. This fine balance between aesthetics and practicality is what makes an interior designer great, although not everybody has an eye for it. As a provider of light carpentry Long Island NY, and other similar services, we are thankful that the internet is full of inspiration that you can utilize in your own home.

Here are some tips on where to look for the best interior design inspiration online.

Interior Design Ideas & Finding Your Unique Style

First and foremost when it comes to interior design is deciding which style you will base your interior decoration off. This will usually relate to the architectural design of the home, although contrasting a rustic exterior with a modern interior has become a popular trend as of late.

There are a number of ways you can find your style, from slogging through Google image searches to watching countless YouTube videos. Although the best way has to be by utilizing one of the many interior design style quizzes online.


By utilizing an image-based quiz, Modsy seems to be able to climb inside your head and pluck out the exact style/s that you like. Their quiz was designed by world-class engineers and design experts, meaning the results will be both feasible and beautiful. On top of their quiz, they offer a visualization service that can turn a photo of a room into a 3D model, so that you can literally see how the furniture of that style looks in your space.

Buyer Select

Buyer Select utilizes a similar image-based quiz to help you find your style and may be more appropriate for those who want to keep it simple. Beyond just giving you a style that may suit your preferences, they break down your preference into percentages showing how much you like each style. They also give more details and can offer tips on decorating your home.

Bobby / Berk

Some people will find the image quizzes tedious, instead preferring to use words to describe the style they prefer. That’s where Bobby / Berk comes in with a text-based quiz that can guide you to the style of your dreams.

Exposing Yourself to Interior Design Ideas

If you’re a creative or you know any creatives, you may be aware of just how useful social media applications are for gleaning inspiration. By simply following people, you can open the app and instantly be shown relevant content which may inspire you in your own endeavors. The same goes for interior design inspiration, and the simple act of following some interior design experts may lead you to find exactly what you’re after.

As it is focused mostly on the visual medium, we believe that Instagram is the best place to glean this kind of inspiration, although some of these experts may be on other platforms too.

Pierre Yovanovitch – @pierre.yovanovitch

The interior design of Pierre Yovanovitch is truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and is excellent for those who prefer out-of-the-box design styles. Balancing rustic simplicity with modern flair, he truly captures the best of both worlds.

Joanna Laven – @joannalaven

With an emphasis on modernist style, some photos of Joanna’s work look like pieces of art in themselves. With a focus on airy palettes and statement-piece furniture, Joanna inspires the bold, brave, and beautiful out of her interiors.

Kelly Wearstler – @kellywearstler

Known for her playful glam style, Kelly’s interior design work brightens rooms and gives them character like no other. If you’re a stickler for rich hues or layer upon layer of texture, this is for you.

Grant K. Gibson – @grantkgibson

With a focus on function meeting personality, Grant’s interior design is truly unique and while making a statement, still looks cozy. He balances muted palettes with expressive wallpapers and features.

Need Help with Your Interior Design Ideas in Long Island NY

With staff experienced in giving interior design advice, as well as all manner of interior home improvements such as light carpentry Long Island NY, we have seen some great examples of the aforementioned styles.

To learn more about our services such as light carpentry Long Island NY, or nearby, check out our website or contact us today. We look forward to making your interior design dreams into a reality.