Many modern home owners are constantly on the lookout for ways that they can increase the value of their house. Whether this is to resell at a profit, or simply improve the living conditions of the occupants, there are some obvious modifications which can make a difference. Such things as bathroom and kitchen remodels are often the go-to renovation plan, but what if you’ve already upgraded them or don’t wish to embark on such a scale of work. La Clave Improvement offers home renovations in Freeport NY.

You may have searched for information regarding home renovation, which may well mean that you’re looking to make some smaller modifications to your home, hoping they may drive interest or improve quality of life. It can be hard to know where to start when considering minor renovations, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

Here are some small, affordable, and effective modifications you can make to your home.

Home Renovations and A Million Small Repairs

Such is the nature of the modern home that often we don’t suffer from catastrophic failure of our building or fixtures, rather we’re pestered by a million little faults and defects. While some may feel savvy enough to be able to repair minor problems, calling on professionals for help will result in a faster and cleaner repair.

There are truly an infinite number of little things that can need repairs, such as:

  • Overused or warped doors
  • Various-sized holes in the walls from picture frames to teenage outbursts
  • Damaged kitchen or bathroom cabinets
  • Damaged or broken fixtures or furniture
  • Scuffs on walls
  • Etc…

These are just a handful of the huge variety of little repairs that both modern and older homes may need. Some of these problems can be ignored until one can afford the repair, whereas other problems can increase over time and develop into more serious issues. Get in contact with a local light carpentry (Freeport NY residents can call us!) service to see how they can help.

Adding a Touch of Elegance

If the style of your home allows it, you may wish to add certain fixtures which give the sense of elegance or class. This may be particularly relevant to parents whose children have recently moved out, allowing them to invest in the home without concern of damaging expensive additions. Regardless of why you may wish to generate or amplify a sense of class, there are a couple of go-to additions which can be both affordable and classy.


While many believe that wainscoting has lost its charm, thousands of homes in New England and across the United States will say otherwise. Wainscoting’s original purpose was as insulation and as a protective barrier for walls. Nowadays it’s only really considered for its aesthetic value as it is reminiscent of 18th century England.

Wainscoting has become arguably too accessible in recent years, with DIY kits available on the internet for next to nothing. While these may seem convenient, they are often made of low quality and in some cases potentially harmful materials. Real wainscoting isn’t that much more than these knock-offs, so invest in custom-made panels for your specifications. If you’re unsure as to whether you can install them perfectly, consider hiring a company which provides home renovation in Freeport NY residents should get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Crown Molding

Unlike wainscoting, crown molding goes back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt, and was made popular by Romans and Greeks. Nowadays crown molding is somewhat standard in most traditionally-styled homes, offering elegant mediation between ceilings and walls.

As with wainscoting, there are a number of cheap options available online, which offer the same problems as cheap wainscoting options. Instead, find a crown molding that you like and hire a professional light carpentry service (such as ours) to install it.

Refinishing Wooden Fixtures and Floors

If wood is part of your home’s aesthetic, then hiring a service to refinish that wood can completely revitalize it and brighten up your home. Over time wood tends to collect grime and fade, this often happens so slowly that we don’t even notice until we look at old photos. By hiring professionals to revitalize the wood in your home, you can shave years off its appearance, increasing it’s desirability exponentially.

Home Renovations Freeport NY

Here at LA Clave Improvements, we have experience in a variety of different home remodeling and repairs, including undertaking light carpentry. We offer professional home renovation in Freeport NY and the surrounding areas. Get in contact with us today for all of your home renovation needs!