Are you looking for a home renovation company? The various lockdowns that have been implemented over the pandemic have given many a chance to try their hand at DIY projects. While some were successfully finished, those that weren’t would’ve simply suffered the typical problem of lacking resources or the appropriate tools. Instead of attempting a DIY modification to your home, you may find it easier to take inspiration from those DIY projects and hire a professional to undertake them for you.

The differences between you and professionals often boils down to a few things: resources, tools, skills, and experience. While there are basic DIY projects which can help you develop skills, that kind of work isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reap the same rewards. As a provider of services including renovation and remodeling Long Island NY, we would like to share some DIY projects that gained popularity last year and how we can help them make a reality in your home.

Here is a look at the most popular lockdown DIY projects which you can undertake professionally for valuable results.

Our Home Renovation Company Will Help You Build an Amazing Home Bar

One of the more popular projects during the lockdown was the home bar, and this isn’t the first time they’ve been popular in our culture. The prohibition-era saw home bars as the only way some people could find a drink, and birthed the speakeasy style that is so popular in hipster bars today. During the lockdown we see a similar problem where instead of alcohol being illegal, it was gathering with strangers in enclosed spaces.

Be Realistic

When considering installing a home bar in your home, it’s important to be realistic about how much you’re going to use it, and how often. If you’d like to install a breakfast bar in your kitchen that can double as a home bar, then you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. However if you think the home bar will only be for special occasions you may consider doing it in your backyard or basement.

Why Not DIY

As their installation will be vastly different, we will consider the breakfast bar and standalone bar separately here.

Breakfast Bar: As this installation will be taking place in your kitchen, you will want to have it finished as soon as possible so as to not impact your routine too much. It will also become a feature of the kitchen, so ensuring it’s of the highest quality and close attention to detail are a must.

If you’re making any major changes to the layout of your kitchen you should also consider any other elements you want to change. In our experience of renovation and remodeling Long Island NY, kitchen remodels work out cheaper when all the work is consolidated.

Standalone Bar: The backyard standalone bar may seem like a fun project to undertake with friends but will take a lot more work than your standard shed. If you’re planning on installing a beer tap and sink into it as well, then a professional plumber may be required to ensure it’s done safely.

Hiring professional carpenters to either install a kit or custom-build your bar may cost more initially, but will also leave you with something that adds value to the property.

Home Renovation Company and Minor Renovations

If installing an entirely new element to your home isn’t the project you were looking for, you might consider some of these more minor renovations and their costs.

Sprucing Up the Cabinetry

It doesn’t take long for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to start looking dull or worn, but sprucing it up yourself may be beyond you. Depending on how they’re finished, they may desire a new coat or a fresh layer of stain. By hiring professionals you can be sure they will do their best to match the paint or stain, and can apply it accurately.

Redo the Walls

A few friends have since mentioned feeling haunted by their poor choice of color or wallpaper in certain rooms, and took it upon themselves to hire professionals the second they were allowed. Redoing the walls in your home can have a profound impact on the mood and style your home exudes, and doing so professionally can ensure it’s a valuable modification.

Install Crown Molding and/or Wainscoting

Both crown molding and wainscoting have retained their aesthetic value over the past few centuries, and we will continue to see them in the future. They add a degree of elegance that is lost in many contemporary homes, and can have an impact on how rooms are perceived.

Consider our Home Renovation Company in Long Island NY

Having years of experience in both renovation and home remodeling Long Island NY, we have both the team and the tools you need to make your dream home a reality. We also offer other relevant services like light carpentry, so check out our website or call us today.