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Summer is finally here, and the months spent staring at your dreary and drab walls are over. It’s time to reinvigorate your home with high-end painting and textures from La Clave Home Improvements in Nassau County, NY. Our unrivaled texturing and high-end painting services will give your walls new life. However, we can’t do it without you. You determine how each wall is painted or textured by summoning your artist from within you. This is your chance to be creative and add a little class to your walls. As the curator of your own interior art gallery, you control how your walls reflect your personality. With your help, we will make the walls in your home come to life.

High End Or High-Quality Paints: Types Of Textured Wall Paints

High-end paintings and textures have more pigments and resins, and fewer solvents than low-quality paint. With identical thicknesses, but due to fewer solvents, the high-quality paint leaves a tougher, thicker paint film. The properties of high-quality paint results in a paint that goes on smoother, takes more time to dry, lasts longer, and requires fewer future touch-ups. Additionally, high-quality paint provides more coverage and fewer coats, resulting in the use of less paint. Nowadays, texture-painted walls are all the rage. Texture paint is a paint without an overtly visible texture. Some textured paints are subtle and have elegant finishes, while others contain tiny particles.

The Types Of Textured Wall Paints Include:

1. Silica Sand Texture Paint

This textured paint contains tiny bits of silica sand. You can get it premixed or purchase the sand and mix it later. They need to be applied immediately and can be used to paint ceilings.

2. Roll-on Texture Paint

This sub-layer is added to your wall before painting. It’s applied using a trowel, brush, comb, roller, or other tools. The roll-on texture paint gives you the patterned texture the artist in you is after.

3. Knockdown Texture Paint

This kind of texture paint is durable, hard, and commonly found inside a bedroom or in a hallway. There are several different ways to add this textured paint to your walls.

4. Smooth Texture Paint

This lighter textured paint is thick and heavy, so you’ll need a spatula to apply it to the walls. It gives the look of plaster after it dries.

5. Popcorn Texture Paint

Styrofoam is added to the textured paint giving it an airy appearance. You’ll need a particular kind of sprayer with a big nozzle to apply it to the wall. It’s an excellent way to hide your wall’s imperfections.

6. Orange Peel Textured Paint

This textured paint is very durable and not as uneven as silica sand paint. It looks like an orange peel and is easy to scrape off.

7. Splatter Knockdown Texture Paint

This multi-step textured paint looks like Spanish stucco and needs at least two primer coats before its application. It is usually messier to apply.

8. Hawk and Trowel Texture Paint

This texture is applied using a hawk (pan) and a trowel that spreads plaster onto a wall’s surface. Its wavy pattern is made from layers of drywall overlapping one another.

9. Skip Trowel Texture Paint

This textured paint contains a random pattern and is simple and easy to apply. It easily covers damaged walls or exposed drywall tape.

10. Slap Brush Texture

This distinct textured pattern is used to prevent glitches in the drywall. Using a brush to twist, stamp, slap, or sweep this pattern can be stylish. With all of the different textures of paint to pick from, there are limitless ways to decorate your walls.

The many ways to use textured paint include:

  • Add a stone-like finish
  • Give your walls a plastered look
  • Add a crackleglaze weathered finish
  • Use a sponge paint pattern on your walls
  • Apply a colorwash relaxing pattern to your wall
  • Give your walls a marble and clay rustic look
  • Add a simple concrete look to your bathroom
  • Use a textured paint for your kitchen’s backsplash
  • Create the feel of luxury with a metallic based paint
  • Add a cozy suede look to your den or living room

High-End Painting and Textures: La Clave Improvement

No matter which paint or texture your inner artist is looking for, our texture artists enjoy a firm command over any appealing design. Let La Clave Home Improvements in Nassau County, NY remodel your kitchen by contacting us today! Your rooms will come alive when you partner with us to add high-end paint or texture to your walls. We’ll make sure your newly rejuvenated home is a creative and classy work of art. Quality will never come into question, as we continually use nothing but the best in high-end painting and textures.