Most of us have amassed innumerable hours staring at the walls in our homes, due to the many lockdowns which were implemented to try and slow the spread of the virus. Over this time, we have been encouraged to look at any crown molding installation modifications we can do to our homes, both to refresh our space and help rejuvenate the economy. One aspect of the modern home which doesn’t seem to get enough attention is the walls.


Thanks to contemporary minimalism, most walls in new builds are incredibly plain, with the main feature being a simple baseboard. Changing this is no small feat, although the benefits are immense, as you can completely reimagine a room based on how you present your walls. As a provider of crown molding in Long Island NY, as well as a range of other relevant services, we’ve decided to look at popular wall trims and share our findings.


Here are some tips on which wall trims can enliven the walls of your home.

Crown Molding Installation From the Top Down

As with cleaning, looking at different wall trimmings may be best done from the top of the wall downwards. This can ensure that you don’t clutter your wall with trimmings, moldings, and wainscoting.

Crown Molding Installation

The aptly named crown molding truly is the crown which sits on top of your walls, and adds a touch of elegance which is hard to match. Simply put, crown molding is a type of cornice made out of decorative molding, usually plaster or wood, which is installed at the top of interior walls. Typically installed at the intersection of the wall and ceiling, crown molding is used to lift the space, drawing your eye towards the ceiling and making it appear higher.


Crown molding can come in many different styles, and different crown molding costs, ranging from intricate designs to more simple ones that are suitable in contemporary minimalist spaces. While there are DIY options out there, they are typically made out of low quality materials such as foam. We recommend contacting us about our services such as crown molding Long Island NY, or finding a reputable supplier in your area.


While you may not recognize the word, you’ll definitely know the different kinds of raised panels and beadboards which are common, especially in those homes which celebrate Victorian style. Wainscoting was originally invented to try and stave off the dampness which was common in walls prior to insulation. Nowadays it serves a purely aesthetic purpose in our homes, although one could argue that it also protects the underneath walls from any cosmetic damage.


There are 5 main types of wainscoting which are still around today:


  • Board & Batten – this flat panel wainscoting uses vertical boards to cover the seams
  • Raised Panel – the original form of wainscoting and arguably most aesthetically simple
  • Flat Panel – a more contemporary style which suits more minimalist-inspired homes
  • Overlay – a combination of raised and flat panel wainscoting
  • Beadboard – characterized by long vertical grooves with raised beads which are spaced evenly


As with crown molding, there are DIY wainscoting options out there, but they are typically made of low quality materials and won’t be custom-fit to your home. Instead find a wainscoting provider in your area which is happy to provide a custom-fit option for your home.


Also known as base molding, floor molding, or skirting, this is molding which covers the intersection between the floor and wall. While their original use of protecting the bottom of the walls from kicks and abrasion from furniture hasn’t changed, the styles have expanded exponentially.


Different baseboards should suit the wainscoting and crown molding you have chosen for your walls. Consider the following styles of baseboards:


  • Flat – completely flat on the front, this can stand alone as a simple baseboard molding, or act as the base for a more intricate style
  • Rounded or Stepped – the most common type of baseboard, characterized by the rounded or stepped top
  • Sculpted Mid-height – this is a step in the direction of elegance and style, and suit more formal homes
  • Sculpted taller – the best baseboard for making a statement, these feature intricate designs and suit those homes which celebrate Victorian elegance


Consider using stronger materials for your baseboards if you have kids or pets in your home, as they can be prone to wear and tear.

Crown Molding Installation in Long Island, NY

While all of these trims have DIY options, investing in a professional installation will be more effective and affordable in the long run. Contact us about our baseboard or crown molding Long Island NY, or find a reputable company in your area who have experience in what you’re looking for.