Common Materials to Choose for Your Countertops

Have you ever rented an apartment and noticed that the apartments that were “upgraded” models all had mainly two distinguishing factors compared to the regular units? kitchen countertop installations can be one way to upgrade your countertops.

Typically, the upgraded models offer updated appliances (somehow, they still break anyways) and upgraded kitchen countertops. Upgraded countertops are considered an amenity for a reason…

Today, we want to focus on kitchen countertop material and why they’re one of the first upgrades people seek out when renovating their kitchen. You never realize how much a nice countertop material contributes to the elegance of the space until you either don’t have one or if you’ve never had one and you finally decide to get one!

1 – Granite Countertops

You can’t start a list without jumping straight to the reigning countertop material champ—granite. Granite has been the top choice for countertops for quite a while when luxury is the name of the game. Granite is elegant, expensive, but ultimately makes a statement.

It is the easiest way to take a kitchen from looking ordinary to looking luxurious. The main advantages of granite are that:

  • Tons of variety and options to choose from color-wise
  • Very tough material
  • Highly popular and so adds value to homes

Those are the top benefits; some cons are:

  • Expensive
  • Requires a professional sealing job—preferably utilizing a high-quality sealant
  • Granite is not friendly for those who like to cut on the counter sometimes

In regards to the sealing, if you have a professional such as La Clave Home Improvement handle your countertop sealing, granite can be one of the easiest to maintain countertops.

2 – Laminate Countertops

Despite being once reviled as a cheap and somewhat unattractive solution for barebones countertops, laminate has come a long way. Advances in technology have made the cheap, “not stone” material of laminate something to truly consider for budget savvy shoppers.

  • Laminate is budget friendly
  • Comes in a wide variety of options
  • Printing technology advances have made it look good

As people became gradually weary of synthetic materials in the 80s, laminate went the way of the dinosaur due to printing limitations and errors that created undesirable streaks in the material. I guess 2021 is Jurassic Park, because the dino has returned as a popular option for cash-strapped youngsters that are getting their first home or apartment that want something that looks like stone, but doesn’t cost like stone does. This is done by utilizing advanced digital printing tech to scan high-quality images of stone from multiple angles to create a faithful representation of stone texture.

3 – Quartz

Quartz is a man-made stone product that largely contains quartz, but also contains other materials to improve upon its qualities as a competitor to the more expensive marble and granite. It most notably has a nonporous surface which means the material requires no sealing and won’t be prone to absorbing stains.

The benefits of Quartz are:

  • Easy to maintain, requires virtually no sealing
  • Since it is man-made, there are few imperfections and patterning is uniform
  • Has a high tolerance to heat and high PH substances
  • Still maintains an elegant stone like appearance as compared to ordinary countertops

Quartz is pricier—though perhaps not as much as granite, but pricey nonetheless. However, many people feel the benefits of the material are well-worth the cost.

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