When looking at the interior design of our homes, most people will feel a mix of excitement and anxiety, knowing that they are stepping into the unknown. While some are lucky enough to know exactly what style they like, others may find it difficult to know where to start. As a provider of home improvement services like light carpenters Long Island NY, we have some tips on how you can gain inspiration from your heritage.

Avoid Appropriating

While it’s always nice to borrow elements from other cultures, without an understanding of the context it can be easy to offend people. Instead of having an eclectic mix of cultures in your house, find those things that you can relate with and recognize. A good rule of thumb is that if you saw something in your grandparent’s house, then it’s probably a part of your culture. If you would like to add elements from other cultures, be sure to do your research to know how to do so respectfully. Otherwise, try to find someone local in your area to give guidance.

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Generally speaking, there aren’t many styles of cabinetry which directly reflect any historical culture. Although it’s not hard to find ways to make them reflect your culture, you could do so by changing the following elements:

-The type of wood used in them, especially when unpainted, could be from a tree native to your origin or could even be stained to look the part

– Ornate handles on draws, or decorative trimming can allow the opportunity to give reference to elements of your culture

– The color scheme you choose could be inspired by your homeland, or even by the national flag of your home country, if you’re feeling particularly patriotic

The layout of such furnishings and fixtures could also be a reference to your culture if, for example, you’re Chinese-American, you may want to abide by feng shui customs. Beyond this you could also consider how people stored things in your culture, if having things out in the open was common then prioritize shelving. Whereas if your culture is more preservative then you may put more focus on cabinetry, cupboards, and drawers.

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Painting and Wallpapers

The walls in our homes act as canvases for us to reflect upon while we go about our daily business. By painting them or through the use of an appropriate wallpaper, you can theme your house after your heritage. Try the following:

-Utilizing colors which were prevalent or revered in your culture, for example shades of earthy greens and browns if you came from around the Amazon

– Putting up wallpaper which celebrates designs utilized or celebrated by your culture, for example Arabic geometry on a feature wall if you come from the Middle East


If the walls are our mirrors to reflect upon, the floor is our foundation, and can be considered as such in your heritage-inspired interior design. Utilizing flooring which was either used in your heritage, such as hardwood flooring, or references it like some styles of carpet, can give you a good grounding to work up from. You can also utilize relevant geometric designs in any tiles you put in your bathrooms.

Furniture and Fixtures

Many cultures have some kinds of furnishings in their heritage, and while you may not be able to find authentic pieces, replicas can do the job just as well. Rather than buying brand new though, you may wish to peruse second hand and antique shops to try and find authentic pieces or those which look similar. Otherwise you could always contact a local carpenter for any specific pieces you can’t live without.

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Having helped countless people achieve their interior design dreams, we’ve been lucky enough to see a huge variety of design styles based on various sources. Whether you’re looking for wallpaper installation, domestic repairs, or light carpentry in Long Island NY, we’ve got you covered. Check out our website or contact us today to see how we can help.