Cabinet refacing allows you to save up to fifty percent of the expense of completely redesigning an entire kitchen; hence, if you want to give your kitchen a brand-new style without breaking the bank, this is the ideal solution for you. It is also less of a hassle, and it is perfect if you are content with the cabinetry layout.

5 Cabinet Refacing Ideas for Your New Kitchen

Refacing your kitchen cabinets in Freeport, NY allows for a great deal of customization in terms of color, texture, or finish and material. 

It can be performed on natural wood and laminate cabinets, the former you would normally refinish or stain if you wanted a different look.

It is a lot simpler and causes significantly less disruption than having an entirely new kitchen cabinet set installed, yet it can totally transform the appearance and atmosphere of the area for a fraction of the expense. It is also possible that doing so is the optimal approach to extending the useful life of your cabinets. 

You are able to prolong the life of a kitchen cabinet set without sacrificing its classy appearance or high level of craftsmanship by modernizing a traditional layout with the most recent innovations in treatments for kitchen surfaces.

It shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to resurface kitchen cabinets, and the process is rather straightforward.

1. Remove Cabinet Doors and Drawers

First and foremost with cabinet refacing in Freeport, NY, there’s a need to take the cabinet drawers and doors out, and then remove the fronts of the drawers. The rest of the stuff will stay the same.

2. Perform Lamination on the Front Parts

The next step in cabinet refacing is to cover the front portion of the cabinets with natural wood paneling. You can also use a melamine product.

3. Cover the Sides and Change the Hinges

After this, the cabinet sides are to be covered with wood veneers, and new hinges should be installed if the existing ones have rust.

4. Install the Replacement Doors and New Drawer Fronts

Install the new cabinet doors and the drawer fronts, and then you can attach the new knobs and pulls.

5. Add Extras or Upgrades

The last step in cabinet refacing is to install any supplementary components that are available as an upgrade, such as moldings, glass panels, lights, or storage options. This, however, is an optional step.

Hire La Clave Home Improvements to Resurface Your Kitchen Cabinets in Freeport, NY

It is possible to perform a DIY cabinet resurfacing as your next home improvement project. Should you hire professionals instead? 

When planning and, of course, carrying out the project, the fact that the kitchen cabinet resurfacing will be handled by professionals guarantees that the undertaking will be flawless in every respect.

A skilled contractor such as La Clave Home Improvements will devise a strategy that will make it very possible, taking into account your tastes and the requirements of your budget, in addition to any other demands or additional specifications you’ll have.

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