La Clave Home Improvements has been renovating and remodeling homes and businesses for almost 20 years. When it comes to kitchen cabinet refinishing in Nassau County, NY., we’ll beat the competition and bring your vision to life. Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen for years? Everybody always ends up in the kitchen. It is that warm cozy place in your house where the smell of freshly baked cookies lingers even after the oven is off. Remodeling your kitchen has many benefits and there are many reasons for a kitchen makeover and refinishing your cabinets with a brand new look with our cabinet refinishing services in Nassau County. Let’s explore the top five.

The Top Five Reasons For Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing In Nassau County NY

  • Improve its function, update an awkward layout, and make it more convenient. Above all, many of us want a kitchen that functions to meet our needs. Everyone requires more counter space, cabinets, and a space that’s not too cramped.
  • Remodel the space that works for you and your family. When remodeling your kitchen space, it is vital to think about your family’s needs. For example, a large table in the center might be something to consider. Or how about increasing your storage space? This is your chance to make your vision come true.
  • Remodel your kitchen to fit your personal style. Since you always wind up in the kitchen, create a place where you want to be. A place with pleasant surroundings that reflect who you are.
  • Boost your home’s resale value. According to some estimates, you will get over 60% of your remodeling costs back, and your home is likely to sell more quickly.
  • Improve energy and water efficiency, lowering your monthly bills. Outdated appliances are less efficient and can eat up your home’s valuable energy. From dishwashers to stoves, old appliances are difficult to maintain and more costly to repair.

Things to ask yourself before remodeling your kitchen.

  • Will your new kitchen flow with the rest of your home? We’ll help you make sure your kitchen matches the rest of your house. It will be critical if you’re thinking about reselling.
  • Should you save remodeling costs on cabinetry? Cabinets are one of the most important parts of your kitchen. We believe you shouldn’t skimp on cabinetry.
  • Do you really need top-of-the-line appliances? Sure, you want quality, but do you really need a chef-grade six-burner stove? We recommend that you consider all options before deciding on any new appliances.
  • Do you trust your contractor? It’s not rude to ask for references. We recommend that you do your due diligence and choose the best contractor for your project. We are confident that we will beat the competition.
  • Will your new kitchen be functional? We advise you to take an inventory of what you have and how you will need to store those items.

Think about things like pots, pans, plates, spices, cutting boards, gadgets, serving platters, etc. Remember to consider where you will be storing your small appliances and where to put your garbage can. Are you playing it too safe? Unless you’re thinking about selling your home soon, don’t be afraid to design your kitchen with color and personality. After all, the party always ends up in the kitchen.

So, you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, increase your home’s value and maximize the functionality of the space,

Additional Remodeling Tips For Your Kitchen

  • Eliminate wasted steps
  • Design wide walkways
  • Consider your kitchens traffic flow
  • Find the right height for your microwave
  • Steer clear of corners – especially with appliances
  • Plan landing space for plates, pots, and pans
  • Consider the countertops
  • Arrange the range – place shelving beside or behind the range
  • Store knives smartly
  • Make recycling easy
  • Make sure everything is reachable
  • Plan for multiple electrical outlets
  • Lighter colors are best for small kitchens

The Kitchen Of Your Dreams With La Clave Improvement: Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing In Nassau County NY

We hope that you gained some valuable insight to prepare you for your kitchen remodel/renovation project. La Clave Improvement is ready to answer the call. To get started with service, contact us today!