There are any number of reasons why you may be considering a renovation, but generally they’re either to better your own (or your family’s) life, or to sell for a higher price. Either way, realizing which home improvements can actually help in your (or the future owner’s) daily life is a must. When considering a remodel always consider bathroom remodeling in Long Island NY.

While many renovations are considered purely aesthetic, there is always room for practical improvements. These can either save you time or money in your daily activities, and therefore can improve your quality of life by doing so.

Here are some home improvements that will change your life for the better.

Bathroom Remodeling Long Island NY

The two most common renovations, especially those which improve daily life, are kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Kitchen Remodeling

Many classic kitchen styles have become outdated in recent years, mainly due to the advancements in technology and methodology in their production. Recent kitchen styles include practical elements in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Here are some common modifications made during kitchen remodels:

  • Updating the backsplash – modern backsplash materials are more varied than they were in the past, allowing for modern styles while providing an easy-to-clean surface
  • Updating or new cabinets – whether you’re replacing or simply refurbishing your cabinets, be sure to measure your kitchen accurately to allow maximum utilization of space
  • New flooring – ripping up old flooring and replacing them with hardwood can give you beautiful floors that are also easy to clean up.
  • Add a kitchen island/breakfast bar – if you have enough space, you may consider giving yourself more bench space with a kitchen island or breakfast bar
  • Update your appliances – old appliances are less energy efficient than more recent ones, updating them can save you money over time.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms haven’t changed that much in the last century, with many modern styles reflecting the elements celebrated in the 20th century. Modern bathroom elements incorporate these classical styles utilizing more affordable materials to simulate the more luxurious styles of late.

Here are some common bathroom remodel ideas which have practical value:

  • Changing the layout – classic bathroom layouts were usually centered around a bath. By rethinking the layout of your bathroom you can better utilize the space
  • Update the flooring – the flooring is a central element in bathrooms, updating them with new tiles can completely refresh the space
  • New vanity – older vanities were centralized around a single sink, but can allow space for another. Installing a vanity with two sinks can be perfect for an ensuite
  • New tiling on the walls – geometric patterns have become popular in tiles, and utilizing a modern style can expand feeling of the space
  • Add shelving – a common problem in older bathrooms is lack of storage space, adding shelving can increase storage space with style

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Build a Garden/Tool Shed

If you have a backyard, then this may be the time to install a shed to use for either gardening or storing tools. There are many kit sets available nowadays which can be put together by oneself, and still have either a classical or modern look.

Be sure to look for these qualities in any shed you look at getting:

  • Metal roof – make sure the shed has a decent metal roof which can withstand the conditions in your area
  • Enough space – whatever you’re going to use it for, make sure there is enough space for such things as your lawnmower
  • Strong foundation – ensure that the shed will stay fixed, especially in windy areas, either by making a concrete foundation or pressure-treated lumber laid on a bed of gravel


One of the less-considered home improvements is lighting, having good lighting can make your daily life much easier. Modern lighting is also more energy efficient than older styles, utilizing LED bulbs can give much more light to a room.

There are several rooms which benefit from better lighting, these include:

  • Kitchen – having good lighting in the kitchen can make meal prep safer
  • Bathroom – decent lighting in the bathroom can allow you to see yourself more clearly
  • Bedrooms – if you use your bedroom for reading, updating the lighting can greatly benefit this
  • Office – for those working remotely, better lighting in the office can actually increase productivity
  • Lounge – dimmers are perfect for the lounge, to allow you to reduce the light and create ambience in the evenings.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling in Long Island NY

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