There may be any number of reasons you’re looking into possible home repairs. You could be looking to increase the value for resale, preparing the home for the arrival of a newly born, or simply desire change. Whatever the reason, a full-scale renovation can be a daunting consideration which can take huge amounts of time and money.

What many people don’t realize is that there are more affordable alternatives to full-blown renovations which can have a similar effect.

Here are some options to consider which won’t cost much time or money.

Power Wash

Probably the cheapest possible way to spruce up an aging building, a power wash can do wonders. In fact, ‘power washing porn’ which comprises videos of people power washing aspects of their homes, has become incredibly popular on YouTube and Reddit.

The front of your home is like the front of a book, and while we try not to judge something by it’s cover, it’s also in our human nature to do so. Power washing the front of your home can not only make it look better, but also aid in the preservation of the wood, concrete, or brick.

While it is possible to do power washing by yourself, mistakes can peel off paint or damage the integrity of the materials which hold your house together. Hiring a professional to power wash your building can ensure that it’s done to the best possible standard, without damaging your property.

Home Repairs in Freeport NY

Not everyone has the ‘handyman’ skills required to upkeep the value of their property. Hiring a professional company to provide home repairs can be a cheap alternative to renovating certain rooms. Having done hope repairs in Freeport NY for many years, we know for sure that there are several odd-jobs which can cost little in time and money, and can revitalize your home.

Such things as:

  • Fixing damaged walls, balusters, moldings, etc.
  • Refinishing wooden fixtures and furniture.
  • Repainting any walls or other things which have either been damaged or have worn over time.
  • Deep cleaning or repairing tiled floors.

Wallpaper Removal and Installation

Many older houses featured wallpaper designs that were perfect for the decade in which they were installed. Although several decades later, the trend is long gone, and the corners of the wallpaper are peeling away. Removing wallpaper can seem an easy task, although depending on the material of the old wallpaper and the adhesive used, it can prove difficult.

Getting professional help for wallpaper removal can not only save you time and money, but can also give you the opportunity to replace it in a professional manner.

Cabinetry Refurnishing, Refinishing, and Repainting

Instead of purchasing an entirely new set of cabinets for your kitchen, consider refurnishing, refinishing, or repainting them.

Refurnishing Cabinetry

With professional help you can easily rearrange your cabinetry to change the flow of your kitchen. Otherwise, you may want to remove unnecessary cabinets, or add new ones. This is a much cheaper alternative to fully replacing the cabinets of a kitchen, which can cost between $4,000 and $13,000 (source).

Refinishing and Repainting

Sanding off the faded finish and using a fresh coat can completely refresh the wooden cabinets in your kitchen while preserving the rustic look. Whereas repainting them either black, white, or grey, can modernize them entirely.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are the most common forms of remodeling in this day and age (read here). Whether it’s to bring them up to new safety standards, or simply replace an outdated style, they are an effective way of changing the feel of your home.

Common Kitchen Remodel Ideas

  • Install a kitchen island or breakfast bar
  • Create a kitchen window in the wall separating the dining room or knock it down for an open-feel
  • Make recycling easier by installing purpose-built cabinets
  • Install a new backsplash to give life to empty or boring walls
  • Update cabinet doors instead of replacing entire cabinets

Common Bathroom Remodel Ideas

  • Add a tile accent to the main wall in your bathroom
  • Swap out your frameless mirror for one with a frame
  • Install a second sink in the master bedroom en suite for couples
  • Choose a theme to paint and furnish accordingly
  • Replace shower doors, the toilet, the sink, or cabinetry

Home Repairs in Freeport NY

That is the question for many people who have some handyman experience and enjoy working on their own homes. While ‘Doing It Yourself’ can save you money on certain projects, mistakes can end up costing a lot more time and money in the long run. By hiring a professional company who have the exact experience in what you need to do, you can be sure of the quality and longevity of the work.

Here at La Clave Improvements, we pride ourselves on being able to provide those kinds of services. Whether you’re looking to remodel or just looking for home repairs in Freeport NY (Freeport NY is where we’re based but we offer our services to other areas*) get in touch today.

* We also service Nassau and Suffolk County, as well as Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Staten Island, New York City, and the Bronx.