Increasing the value of your home can be done in a number of ways, many of which are costly in both time and money. Finding a quick and affordable way to update the look of your home with our pressure washing company is easy. Its easy to increase the curb appeal with a fresh new look, which might be a defining factor in getting the price you want for your home if your deciding to sell.

Power washing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, largely due to the internet sensation that is power washing, where people post videos of them power washing various surfaces and revealing the beauty which lay beneath. As a provider of power washing Freeport NY, we know just what they’re talking about, having seen various buildings brought back to life in a matter of hours. Although not every surface wants or even needs a power wash, it’s important to know what you want before you contact a provider to get a realistic estimate of the price.

Here is a look at which outdoor surfaces benefit from power washing, and those which you should avoid power washing.

The Basics of Our Pressure Washing Company

Also known as pressure washing, power washing refers to the process of spraying water under high pressure to remove mud, grime, dust, paint, mold and dirt from a variety of surfaces. Often, these surfaces are outside in the elements, hence why they accumulate the muck and grime which takes away from the look. Due to the use of water under high pressure, power washing should only be done on certain surfaces, and by a professional, as incorrect use can damage the surface.

Professional Help with a Smile

Our team can provide power washing Freeport NY or nearby to a professional standard, and with a smile. Some surfaces may require other cleaning agents for maximum effectiveness, so be sure to contact us.

Our Pressure Washing Company Specializes in Driveway’s

Depending on how many cars you have, or the age of your property, your driveway may have taken a beating over its life, and may not look anything like its original appearance. Often a driveway is considered an integral part of the curb appeal of a home, so if you’re hoping to sell, this is a must-clean.

Depending on what your driveway is made of, you may want to look into the different cleaning agents you can put down beforehand. Although one should be mindful that brick and concrete conditioners usually contain chemicals that may hurt any plants they come in contact with, so be sure to cover any plants before applying any cleaning agents.

If your considering different companies and there different costs checkout this home guide on what you can expect a pressure cleaning to cost.


As with driveways, depending on their use they may require a full re-conditioning or simply a one-over with a power washer. After the power wash, you may wish to apply a fresh coat of paving sealer to ensure no mold or plants grow through the cracks in either your walkways or driveways.

Decks and Patios

As they’re usually made of a natural material, decks and patios tend to be much more prone to the growth of algae, mildew, and mold and can lose their original sheen relatively quickly over time. If your deck or patio is located in a shaded area then you can expect this buildup to occur much faster and may need to power wash them more regularly than other outdoor surfaces.

You will also want to utilize a cleaning agent for decks and patios, and may also consider finishing or staining them to preserve them for some time after.

Walls and Siding

Although they may not get as dirty as the driveway or deck does, walls and sidings still pick up a lot of dirt from simply being exposed to the elements. By not power washing the sides of your house, it may deteriorate faster and result in the need for expensive repairs. Power washing is safe for most kinds of walls and siding, including fiber cement, wood clapboard, and vinyl siding, as long as the nozzle is on the lower pressure.

Window Frames and Fences

As they’re often made of wood, window frames and fences can also become grimey over time and may require a power washer to strip the dirt away. Although this needs to be done accurately and carefully so as to not damage the wood. Again, a cleaning agent may be helpful in lifting the dirt before power washing, be sure to speak with your professional power washer beforehand.

Pressure Washing Company New York City

Due to the abrasive nature of power washing, it makes an excellent cleaner, but can also damage your property when done incorrectly or in the wrong hands. By hiring us for your power washing Freeport NY or nearby, you can rest assured that our professional staff will carefully and expertly clean the exterior of your home.